Tinder happened fast. For those of us who grew up struggling to date in school by whatever means we could - remember passing notes? - adjusting to an alarmingly swift transfer to the, shall we say, "Send nudes" era can be quite jarring.

LA-based darkwave/synthpop duo Drab Majesty have a lot to say on the subject. They tackle the oddity of online romance in their new single, and video, 'Ellipsis'. They boil it down to one simple, starkly truthful thought, "Two modern minds won't say what they want to."

'Ellipsis' serves as the first tease of their approaching third LP, Modern Mirror, due out July 12th on Dais Records. If this single is any sign, the album promises to be their boldest, most truly realized record yet. Check the song, and its video, out below and stay tuned for more from Drab Majesty on The 405.