I am a sucker for catchy punk music. Give me a punishing guitar riff and a little bit of vocal attitude and I'm there. But I wouldn't have to be a sucker to fall for ExSage, the desert punk outfit out of LA that has been stirring up a whole mess of buzz around its forthcoming EP, Total Devotion. Lucky for The 405, we are debuting that gem here today.

Recorded with producer Jon Gilbert, who has worked the likes of OFF! and The Kills, Total Devotion features a barrage of crushing guitars and addictive melodies that you will find yourself playing on repeat for days to come. All three songs here — 'Under Your Spell,' 'Come Alive' and 'So Intertwined' — bristle with palpable energy, in addition to fitting together with a stunning level of sonic cohesion. Burning through these three songs will simply leave you desperate for more.

Bandleader Kate Clover lets her raw passion and talent take over on every track, offering something that truly snarls and throws punches in all the most pleasing ways. According to Clover, getting this phenomenal sound was the nudged by a little late night driving.

"Before I began writing the new EP I was searching for something new, I was waiting for a creative spark to set my new path ablaze," says Clover. "On a midnight drive though LA, Suicide’s 'Ghost Rider' streamed into my car from a left-of-the-dial station. I drove home and immediately wrote 'Under Your Spell.' With pulsing synths, raw guitars and buzzing bass lines, the sonic structure for Total Devotion came to life."

I write about a lot of new tracks and records, but you would seriously be doing yourself a disservice to pass on Total Devotion. ExSage have something really special here. So stream it below and maybe buy a ticket out to California for one of their shows in late October. I'm considering it.

  • 24 October - Moroccan Lounge; Los Angeles, CA
  • 27 October - Starline; Oakland, CA
  • 29 October - Blonde Bar; San Diego, CA