Inland Empire band Daise are hard at work on their second EP, which is projected for release this year. Ahead of that, we have the pleasure of brining you a preview in the form of sparkling new single 'Glass Mind', a track the poetically pushes skepticism aside in favour of self-preservation. As singer and guitarist Elijah DeLeon explains it:

"'Glass Mind' is a song I wrote, for myself and anyone who has finally closed the chapter on anything negative in your life. It was a way of vocally speaking out that I no longer would allow my past negative experiences and memories hold me down. The idea of a glass mind came to me when the concept of the art of glass blowing popped into my head. The artists have spent time and years perfecting and honing their skill to make something beautiful, which I took as a concept of shaping your mind. Using the heat, your not so favorable memories to your advantage, to make you stronger and grow to be better. The point being of 'Glass Mind,' no matter what you go through, good or bad, you always have the power of how you choose to perceive an experience or situation, how you want to feel or react to it."

Fluttering in on washes of refracting guitar that recall the cream of the crop of the recent wave of dream-pop, you wouldn't necessarily expect 'Glass Mind' to be about negativity. Daise's interwoven melodies speak to a more beautiful vista, but in DeLeon's vocals we can sense the internal struggle for equanimity. "Watch her swat and sing promises for tomorrow, but tomorrow isn't promised," he ponders sagely, and his thoughts go unspooling off with his bandmates' resounding melodies, drawing us deeper into his thoughts and dreams. These can be both attractive - "'take my hand' says the waking life I wanted to see" - and tough "recollections of spiralling down won't always shape this mind I've built of glass."

'Glass Mind' then splits and re-starts with Daise bounding off into a glorious instrumental portion for the song's final minutes. It sounds as if Daise have finally shut out the negative clouds of their mind, allowing themselves to roam freely in seas of happiness, and with their beautiful playing we're carried right along with them.

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