New LA duo, NEZA x ALXNDR make hip-hop mixed with electronic influences. Neza was born in Rwanda & transplanted to the midwest as a kid, while Alex was born in Pennsylvania but grew up traveling & living in Asia/Europe. Together, the two deliver a fresh brand of genre-blending powerfully-produced music where charisma and sonic chemistry are evenly matched.

Following a Red Bull Sound Select tour with Electric Guest, Alex began DJing more around LA & found himself playing a Mac Demarco show at the start of 2014, while Neza was working on a project dedicated to the love of synths & drum machines. An idea for a new project arose & Neza sought out a producer, leading him to Alex, thanks to his roommate.

Today, the duo have released their new single 'Misplaced' an opulent account of wasted potential. "It's about a girl that's in this scene that brings her down, and it doesn't uplift her," they say regarding the single. "She puts all her chips in the wrong baskets. It's easier to surround yourself with things that distract you from what you truly want. These distractions make it easy for you to hide from your vision. Her vision is where she sees herself. Whether it's school, teaching, performance art, photography, acting. This girl has a gift but is scared to pursue it. She wants better but she keeps holding herself back from what she wants. She's afraid to express herself for fear of rejection, failure, and judgment. We are our worst enemy."