Earlier this year, the LA garage rock group NO WIN released its stellar debut record, downey. The band is now revving the engines behind one of that album's outstanding tracks, 'Shelley Duvall,' sharing a new music video for the song.

An ode to not getting what you want (or who you want), 'Shelley Duvall' is a perfect showcase of everything that makes NO WIN such a delight. Frontman Danny Nogueiras delivers a winning vocal performance, imbuing his lyrics with a certain melancholy charm as '90s-alt-style guitars and foot-tapping drums propel the song forward before things gently fall into soft acoustic outro.

In the song's video, all of this is conveyed through a Lite Brite-esque animation, which only serves to boost the charm of the song and the band itself.

downey is one of the year's most underrated albums and any reason to revisit it is worthwhile. And there are few better entryways, for new listeners or olds, than a video this charming or a song as terrific as 'Shelley Duvall.'