Featuring a thrilling mix of heavy metal abrasion, video gamey electronics, and dreamy vocals, LA Girlfriend has dropped one of the most enthralling releases of 2018 in REGINA. Sydney Banta, the brainchild behind LA Girlfriend, brings a number of disparate sounds together under one roof on this EP, resulting in some truly exhilarating and beautiful moments.

The bubbling electronics and new wave of 'Ex' ignite excitement from the outset, while the crunch of 'Possession' provides a fascinating counterbalance to Banta's angelic vocals. This juxtaposition -- of beauty and ferocity -- is at the core of LA Girlfriend's mission with this record, which highlights the duality of our lives.

"I'm fueled by heavy metal and glossy electronics, but as a music maker, I've felt as if I had to choose between conflicting styles to make my own," says Banta. "REGINA was an opportunity to call upon that tug-and-pull and also recognize duality in other places, like relationships and human character. As we can be both good and bad, this release is aggressive and heartfelt; pointed, yet graceful."

You can stream REGINA from LA Girlfriend above, and check out her website for more information about the EP and upcoming tour dates.