On their new EP, Not No, Los Angeles-based post-punk duo Polyplastic delivers some of the most blisteringly danceable tracks of 2018, taking notes from legendary acts like Joy Division and contemporary groups like Wolf Alice, all the while forming their own captivating sound.

As evidenced right off the bat with the punchy 'My Prescription,' vocalist/guitarist Charlie Ellis and bassist Emily Ibarra have crafted a record that is both full of atmosphere and full of great rhythms -- not an easy feat. The tracks have an air of isolation to them -- take lead single 'Next Slide,' for example -- but that never comes at the expense of a captivating, propulsive sound.

Even when Polyplastic pulls things back a bit, such as the lovely 'Too Young To Drive,' they excel in crafting a mood that is by turns evocative and poignant, but also enjoyable and danceable. One gets the sense that Not No could soundtrack many a party as well as a good cry.

"Not No is about movement versus idleness," says the band. "Most of the lyrical content is representative of the constant traveling I did over the past few years and a coming to terms with being settled back home in LA. We recorded the EP and it’s b-sides throughout 2017/2018 and I see it as a document of our nascent year of playing shows and touring as a band."

At just under 15 minutes, Not No is a quick listen and it will leave you wanting more, but it will also keep you coming back after all the songs get stuck in your head for days on end. A band can't ask for too much more than that.