LA-based punks Cheap Tissue have built up a reputation already in the Los Angeles scene, with support slots for The Vibrators and The Zeros under their belts. But in 2018 Cheap Tissue will be making their own unadulterated statement with the self-titled debut album arriving in March.

Ahead of that, The 405 has the pleasure of premiering 'Up My Sleeve', 2 minutes of breakneck punk harking back to the very core of what the genre stands for. 2 minutes of fast paced and frantic music isn't a lot of time for singer Andrew Taylor to get across all of his complex thoughts, as he relives his battle with heroin, though he certainly gives it his all. He has described in full the thought process behind and the journey to making 'Up My Sleeve':

"I always seem to melt down and push in the pin/ Ha, call me back tomorrow cause I’ve fallen back again."

"I mean.. I guess anything about somebody being strung out can be cathartic just by being bluntly honest and not trying to hide anything, but there’s still nothing pretty. It’s not a joke, it happened. I lost a toe and almost my life​,​ several times. But I guess somebody can find solace in the fact that shit can get really dark and there can be a positive spin on it based ​on​ what you can learn from your experiences (whether they’re positive or negative), how those experiences can influence who you are (again, in both good and bad ways), and how you can rise above everything while still simultaneously battling the same issues and continuously attempting to grow from your experience.

"Another main point of the song is being judged for being “that type” of person while trying to come up in the real world and prove to people that you’re not just piece of shit. Life ain’t easy for a junkie in his twenties with no college degree. Thankfully it’s been a very long time since I’ve used... well, used heroin at least. I am most certainly not sober... or a saint. Not gonna lie, I’m still a mess at times. But I guess the point is that it’s not how it used to be. Best way to describe it would be ​​the difference between a Crackhouse and a dive bar.

"I actually wrote this song when I was twenty and used it briefly in a previous band I had with Jesse. When him and I started Cheap Tissue, we took it, changed a thing or two and it was one of the first songs we wrote as a band and one of the first songs Jesse and I wrote together period. So you could say that it was the first song written on ​th​​is​ record."

No more introduction is necessary after that, so listen to the single 'Up My Sleeve' below.

Cheap Tissue will be released on March 9th on Lolipop Records. Follow Cheap Tissue on Facebook and Instagram.

The band is playing a residency at The Echo in Los Angeles, where you can find them playing Monday nights through January (10th, 17th, 24th), and they'll also be playing Thee Parkside in San Francisco on February 16th.