Label: Not Not Fun Release date: 29/06/10 Everything’s possible. Dub (Amanda Brown, aka LA Vampires ) from LA, meets Goth (Zola Jesus) from Phoenix and it works very well, so well they decided to release an EP, simply titled LA Vampires & Zola Jesus EP, via the very good Not Not Fun. Don’t be mistaken though, these seven tracks aren’t exactly the stuff of a rom-com soundtrack. It's more David Lynch than Richard Curtis. Truth is, once you put that EP on, you get caught in Nika Rosa Danilova’s yelps and mumbles (reminiscence of her Stridulum EP) while Amanda Brown (from Pocahaunted fame) designs deaf and heavy sounds only made for you to drown in. The trip starts with ‘Bone Is Bloodstone’ and other mesmerizing tracks, such as the dub-esque ‘Searching’, the really cold ‘Vous’, or ‘Eulogy’. It’s full of heat, hidden stories, heavy bass, strange claps, and you’re not sure you'll be able to ride the whole sinuous road these two fascinating (but odd) ladies have drawn for you (see ‘looking In’ and its haunted voice). Twenty-four minutes and the muggy ‘No No No’ later, you'll be begging for more adventures with them. Everything’s possible. Photobucket