Part Time is the musical project of LA-based David Loca, who has been putting out music under that moniker for many years on many labels - but such is the unpredictability and randomness of the music industry that you might just be catching on to him. Nevertheless, now seems to be a perfect time to latch on to the world of Part Time, as he's gearing up to release his sixth album Spell #6 next month through Tough Love Records. It's his most produced and pristine sounding yet, which goes a long way to realising his ambition for the album, which he describes by saying:

“I wanted to take the album to a beautiful place with a deeply honest voice, leading to what I feel is a hypnotizing cycle of wonder and love... I envision stories, cheesy montages in my head and try to paint a visual picture of them through the music.”

New song 'It's Alright With Me' does exactly what he describes above; it sounds heartfelt and true - while not shying away from the cheesiness that is inherent in devotionals of this sort. Musically it's a classic radio-rock sound, sailing smoothly on a bed of mid-paced guitars and noodling background saxophone while Loca professes his pliability in his rich voice. The result is something akin to a Crowded House classic - in the best way possible. Take a listen to 'It's Alright With Me' below.

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