The first word that comes up when talking about Best Fit Recordings is 'love'. Love for great pop music, for instance: "A great pop song has to have a heart, a hook and the magic ability to make you want to hit repeat before the song has even ended. See: Taylor Swift's 'We Are Never Getting Back Together'. It's more addictive than crystal meth."

Best Fit Recordings is the signature label of the Line of Best Fit, focusing mainly (but not solely) on Scandinavian acts - having released Faye, NONONO and Sportsman among the others. Love for Scandinavian music is another important aspect, as founder and owner Rich Thane had to overcome huge difficulties to establish the scene in the UK: "It's hard to bring Scandi bands over here to play because promoters pay such terrible fees. You know, a mid-level act such as Faye, we could get 1k Euro for a 30 minute set in Stockholm. Over here? £50 and a couple of beers."

However Rich is positive about the future of Scandinavian music: "Right now it's impossible. Which is why initiatives like Ja Ja Ja are so good, because the organisers work directly with each Nordic country's export office in a way to help fund the trip and, in turn, hopefully gain these acts much needed live exposure in London and beyond." The final portion of love, and probably the most important one at that, is saved for music in general: "I run this thing on my own and put the same amount of heart and passion into a release as an army sized work force."

There are so many obstacles when it comes to running your own record label. Three more obvious than others: "Time, money, getting people to 'listen' past any unnecessary hype that may surround an artist. Hype doesn't sell. You know, being Number 1 on Hype Machine is nothing to be sniffed at, it's great. A Pitchfork 'Best New Music' - amazing! But it doesn't shift units."

Satisfaction was fully achieved with the release of Postiljonen's debut Skyer, which quickly became one of the most buzzed albums around: "Skyer is the first full length record I've put out, so that will always mean a lot to me." When I ask him to convince us to listen to Postiljonen's debut by using only one sentence, he simply replies "(It's) like the most lucid dream you've ever had. But, better."

Among the forthcoming plans, there are new possible signings (from both Stockholm and London), and the long-awaited debut album from Museum Of Bellas Artes. In order to be signed with Best Fit Recordings the music "has to make my heart stop. Be on my mind 24/7. Like an addiction. Like falling in love. And I won't rest until we sign / agree to work together." In an hypothetical world, this would be with The Radio Dept: "That's the dream right there. I would walk one hundred miles over hot cinder to even get a sniff of putting out a record by them. Even a 7", whatever. There's no other band out there really that means as much to me as those guys - on so many levels."

Last but not least, we want to know what he considers to be the best pop song ever. And no, we are not expecting it to be an easy answer... "'Ever' is such a defining word. If we're talking 'classic' pop, then it'd probably have to be something by The Shangri-Las. '(Remember) Walking In The Sand' would certainly be up there... Perhaps, going back even further in time, 'Who Do You Love' by The Sapphires is very special to me... One of the groups on the label - Museum Of Bellas Artes - covered it back in 2009 just when I started working with them and, at the time I thought it was written by them. How naive of me. Tracking down the original my mind was blown, and then some. From recent years, you'd be hard pressed to beat 'Teenage Dream' by Katy Perry. It's pretty much flawless."

You can visit Best Fit Recordings by heading here.