We’re going to be sharing a 'label a day' with you in the lead up to the forthcoming Label Mates II six day festival at the Shacklewell Arms. Taking a step behind the brilliant bands to the people that help them function, we sat down for a chat with PNKSLM Recordings.

Home to:

  • Al Lover (US)

  • Alexandria (SE)

  • Anti-Pony (SE)

  • Black Mekon (CG)

  • Charles Howl (UK)

  • Les Big Byrd (SE)

  • Lucern Raze (SE)

  • Sex Beet (UK)

  • Sudakistan (SE)

  • The Red Cords (UK)

  • Thee MVP's (UK)

When did it start?

1st January 2013.

How did it start?

PNKSLM started as the 'Punk Slime' parties that me and the guys from Sex Beet used to host in East London. We always talked about starting a label, but weren't consistently sober enough for any stretch of time to actually make anything like that happen. I then moved over to Stockholm, and came across a band called Sudakistan here, who blew my mind. I really wanted to do something with them, so we flew them over to London, recorded a couple of songs with Henry Withers (Sex Beet / Lovvers / Human Hair), then I sent them off to get pressed. Then I heard some solo material from Al Lover, from San Francisco, which I just HAD to put out, and it all snowballed from there really.

What was your first release?

Sudakistan, their debut single 'Dale Gas'. It's fucking great.

Best thing about running a label?

It's all mainly good, highlights personally for me are throwing the big parties and seeing people going crazy. First seeing the vinyl once they arrive is a good feeling. This year we all flew over to America for SXSW. We did our own showcase there, and DJ'd at Jack White's Third Man Records party. That was all pretty much a dream come true.

Number one challenge when running a label?

Time management is a total ball-buster. PNKSLM's basically taken over my whole life right now, and our upcoming release schedule is insane. Finding the hours to actually make shit happen, and keep all the artists happy can be tough.

What artists are you guys spinning the most at the moment?

I'm in the middle of co-producing the debut album from Sudakistan, so right now all I seem to listen to is that. Usually a mix of old and new Rock & Roll stuff. Charlie from PNKSLM is slowing getting me into Hip-Hop though.

What do you look for in a new artist?

All the releases have been fairly broad when it comes to genre, but I like to think 'Rock & Roll' is at the heart of it all. Just anything I find exciting really. The next release for example is a Swedish band called Anti-Pony, which is really chilled out indie stuff. A lot of people I've played the single to have been kind of surprised that it's a PNKSLM release, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I'm working with a lot of Swedish artists right now which is great also.

The below should help you get in the mood for another mental all-dayer on Monday 25th of August. Full line up details are here and it's FREE ENTRY. What long weekends are made for.

Al Lover - 'Official Levitation Mixtape'

Alexandria - 'Another Station'

Black Mekon - 'Jonny Diamond's Pink Flamingo Club'

Charles Howl - 'Garden Train'

Les Big Byrd - 'Anywhere But Here'

Lucern Raze - 'Sunshine Blues'

Sudakistan - 'Dale Gas'

The Red Cords - 'Dead Heat'

Thee MVP's - 'Woman Is A Danger Cat'