For the past week, we've been getting to know the labels taking part in the Label Mates II Festival at the Shacklewell Arms. Taking a step behind the brilliant bands to the people that help them function, last up on the list is Too Pure Records.

Home to:

We put out a 7" a month and have had some of these bad boys on the label over the years… Pulled Apart By Horses, Fear Of Men, Jeff The Brotherhood, Bear Hands, Menace Beach, Hookworms, Post War Glamour Girls, The Lucid Dream, DZ Deathrays, Die!Die!Die!, Coolrunnings, Black Moth, The Lovely Eggs, The Crookes, Best Friends, The Anchoress, HSY, Seize The Chair, Sun Machine, Dracula Legs and many more.

When did it start?

1st January 2009.

How did it start?

Too Pure and Beggars were initially merged into 4AD and we wanted to keep Too Pure alive in some description. We wanted it to be a haven for new mainly British bands giving them a stepping stone to their future releases, and so the singles club was formed. You subscribe for £35 a year and get a 7" a month direct to your door - we may have to put the price up a bit next year though... bah!

Your first release?

Pulled Apart By Horses - I Punched a Lion In the Throat.

The best thing about running a label?

The best thing about running this particular label is meeting some of your favourite artists and being in the position to help them on their way. As it’s a subscription label, bands are guaranteed an audience and it’s a great way for music fans to hopefully discover their new favourite band. Also watching the bands continue to grow. One of my proudest moments was watching Pulled Apart By Horses open the main stage at Reading last year… I bloody love those guys!

Number one challenge when running a label?

As it's a one man operation, it's quite time consuming and we have very little budget, so everything is predominantly done by me. If I'm totally honest, my press skills are still very much weak at best. Also we don't advertise, so the label hopefully grows year on year by word of mouth.

What artists are you guys spinning the most at the moment?

I'm loving Drenge, Wytches, King Khan And the BBQ Show and the new DZ Deathrays album is so so good. I'm looking forward to hearing Slaves and Districts at some point soon too.

What do you look for in a new artist?

Anything goes really, it's a reasonably eclectic label and as long as bands aren't so far up their own arses, we'll get on just fine.

Too Pure Records takeover the Shacklewell Arms tonight with performances from Whistlejacket, Dracula Legs and Sun Machine. Entry is free.

Pulled Apart By Horses - 'V.E.N.O.M.'

Sun Machine - 'Tamaho Hitman pt. 1'

Dracula Legs - 'Heartburn Destination'