Label Mates III kicks off at The Shacklewell Arms March 6th. We'll be getting to know the bands and labels involved over the next few weeks. First up, we chat with Dave Cambridge from Cardinal Fuzz.

The Rundown

Home to?

Hopefully bands of good taste!

When did it start?

Although the label started in Spring 2013 it would never have started without Optical Sounds fanzine. I started that in Spring 2010 when it just seemed that there was so many records coming out that I loved that were getting next to no press. I wanted to find out and know more about these bands and the scenes that were sprouting them. In early 2010 I was reading a Terminal Boredom forum and it mentioned the Santiago scene of The Psychedelic Schafferson Jetplane, Watchout!, Follakzoid, Pontiacs, Holydrug Couple, The Cindy Sisters, LA Hell Gang, Vuelveteloca and La Banda and that was something I was really keen to write about!

What was your first release?

The first release was a CD by a Santiago band called The Pontiacs, a real belter of BJM infused melodies and fuzz. The first vinyl release was with the band that has most fuelled my music obsession (well not counting Spacemen 3!) The Heads - two total head splitting meltdown tracks recorded in their rehearsal room. Love them to bits and forever thankful. Slightly excited about their upcoming London date.

How did it start?

When interviewing bands for Optical Sounds one of my questions would be "When is the vinyl coming out?" and I was always shocked and bemused to hear no-one was doing anything... But the bands would say, "you should start a label" and if you did we would release records with you. That set the seed in action - if I know now what I knew then I would have run a mile!

The best thing about running a label?

Without a doubt the day the vinyl arrive on your doorstep. The excitement and anticipation of seeing the finished product and playing it on the turntable is unbeatable.

What artists are you guys spinning the most at the moment?

With the Shacklewell Arms gig coming up you will not be surprised to hear that Anthroprophh, Dead Sea Apes (mixes for the new LP) and Demons are getting a hell of a lot of playing. The Dead Meadow - Peel Sessions vinyl has just arrived and sounds ace - I'll have that for sale at the Shacklewell Arms gig a good few weeks ahead of release. Then we have the new White Manna, Cathode Ray Eyes, Lantern, Pretty Lightning and Demian Castellanos LPs that are coming out on Cardinal Fuzz in the next few months (big big smiles here on those ones). Out of CF there is the new Hills and Myrrors LPs that are amazing, The Carlton Melton/Kandodo 3 split is seriously out there to say the least and Kikagaku Moyo, Dahga Bloom and Buffalo Tooth have been hard to shift off the LP player all year. I also heard a sneak of the new Icarus Line and that is gonna floor you.

What do you look for in a new artist? Just simply if I like it and like it a hell of a lot. I have a rule that if two weeks later I'm still listening with the same enthusiasm as when I first heard it, then I'll get in touch with the band. The only problem with being a small label is that I've got a maximum of 14/15 releases I can do in a year and there is just so much really good music about at the moment. Luckily there are a lot of good labels out there too, so lots to share around between us all!

Stuff to keep an eye out for in 2015? Kikagaku Moyo without a doubt.

Cardinal Fuzz will takeover The Shacklewell Arms with a massive all-dayer on Sunday March 8th. Tickets are available here.

The Playlist

Anthroprophh - EBBE

Dead Sea Apes - Wreck

You're Smiling Now But We'll All Turn Into Demons - The Sorcerers