Label Mates III kicks off at The Shacklewell Arms March 6th. We'll be getting to know the bands and labels involved over the next few weeks. Next up, it's the team at Fierce Panda.

The Rundown

Home to?
The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart, Surfer Blood, The Crookes, Desperate Journalist, Pile, Helsinki (Drew from Babyshambles). Bands that we have released in the past include: Coldplay, Keane, Idlewild, Death Cab For Cutie, Art Brut, Supergrass, The Maccabees.

When did it start?
February 24th 1994.

What was your first release?
'Shagging In The Streets' double vinyl compilation EP. Tracklisting:

  • 1. S.M.A.S.H. - Bang Bang Bang
  • 2. Blessed Ethel - Electro 1
  • 3. Mantaray - Sad
  • 4. Done Lying Down - Divorcee
  • 5. These Animal Man - This Is The Sound Of Youth
  • 6. Action Painting! - Mustard Gas

How did it start?
Drunkenly in the pub by some NME journalists. It was intended to be the label's one and only release, which is why we named it Fierce Panda. If we thought we'd still be here 21 years later we wouldn't have called it something quite so stupid. Yet two decades on, here we still are, thundering towards our 100th album release, our 300th single release and our 21st indie emotional meltdown. Simon Williams is now the sole owner and head of the label.

The best thing about running a label?
The bands and hearing our releases on the radio.

What artists are you guys spinning the most at the moment?
Some new bands we're loving at the moment are louche alt.pop 5 piece Longfellow, indie tropical groovers HABITATS, London based soul man Albert Gold and we're also loving White Giant who sound like nothing we've ever heard before. They're supporting Desperate Journalist at this very show.

What do you look for in a new artist?
Passion and something that nobody else is doing at the moment.

Stuff to keep an eye out for in 2015?
HABITATS, Longfellow, White Giant, Albert Gold, the new Surfer Blood record is great!

Fierce Panda will takeover The Shacklewell Arms with a massive all-dayer on Tuesday March 10th. Tickets are available here.

The Playlist

Desperate Journalist - 'Happening'

White Giant - 'Three Years'