Label Mates III kicks off at The Shacklewell Arms March 6th. We'll be getting to know the bands and labels involved over the next few weeks. Next up, we chat with Sean Price from Fortuna POP. These guys have lots to look forward to: a 20th birthday is fast approaching and most importantly a killer all-dayer lined up at The Shacklewell Arms this Saturday 7th March.

The Rundown

Home to?

Too many bands! Joanna Gruesome, Allo Darlin', Withered Hand, Evans The Death, Darren Hayman, Mammoth Penguins, Simon Love, Comet Gain, September Girls, Flowers, The Spook School, The Proper Ornaments, Tigercats, The Chemistry Experiment, Milky Wimpshake, Chain & The Gang, Cocoanut Groove, Herman Dune, Martha, The Ballet. Memo to self: try not sign any more bands.

When did it start?

1996. We're twenty years old next year.

What was your first release?

A 7" called 'Fallen Angel' by my friend Adam under the name Taking Pictures. We thought we'd release a 7" single, John Peel would play it and we'd be on Top Of The Pops. Peel did play it. We weren't on Top Of The Pops.

How did it start?

Badly. A year later I had pretty much all the copies of the first single under my bed. That's when I learnt about distribution.

The best thing about running a label?

The glamour, the money. People running around at your beck and call.

What artists are you guys spinning the most at the moment?

This week: Laura Nyro, Mark Stewart, Ex Hex, Simon & Garfunkel, Gram Parsons, Witching Waves, Spoonboy, Tuff Love, Hookworms, Parkay Quarts.

What do you look for in a new artist?

That thing that makes them special.

Stuff to keep an eye out for in 2015?

The spectacular rise of Evans The Death and new albums by Joanna Gruesome, Milky Wimpshake, Mammoth Penguins (ex-Standard Fare) and Simon Love. Also, the return of The Spook School.

Fortuna POP will takeover The Shacklewell Arms with a massive all-dayer on Saturday March 7th. Tickets are available here.

The Playlist

Comet Gain - 'To The City's Core'

Withered Hand - 'Horseshoe'

Tigercats - 'Sleeping In The Backseat'

Simon Love & A Little Orchestra - 'Treacle, You Should Probably Go To Sleep'

Evans The Death - 'Enabler'