Label Mates III kicked off at The Shacklewell Arms on March 6th, so we're getting to know the bands and labels involved. Next on the list of musical men is Casper Dee of Fuzz Club Records. We're also premiering the new 10000 Russos video for 'Karl Burns'.

The Rundown

Home to? Some of the best experimental rock n roll bands around.

When did it start? The label itself started in 2012.

What was your first release? First release was The Underground Youth - Delirium.

How did it start? Back in 2006 I started a MySpace profile called Fuzz Club where I gathered all the good bands I could find for my own amusement. One of them was The Black Angels and their track 'Black Grease' was the Fuzz Club profile soundtrack.

There was something about the sound of The Black Angels (and Brian Jonestown Massacre) that really attracted me. It had this dark quality that drew from all the right inspirations, so I kept an eye on what they were up to and who they played with etc. Then they started Austin Psych Fest which quickly developed into a community or scene with people from all over the world that seemed to have the same taste in music. Suddenly there were all these great bands from all over the place popping up on YouTube but hardly anything was available on vinyl. So I thought it would be cool to start a little label to release these great bands properly. I managed to scrape together some cash and started Fuzz Club Records. And here we are three years later.

The best thing about running a label? To be able to share great music with great people.

What artists are you guys spinning the most at the moment? Singapore Sling's 'Tower Of Foronocity' has been on repeat since it came out. And Gnod's new album has been played a lot the last week. Thanks Chris!

What do you look for in a new artist? That they have a true sense of rock n roll in them. And that they are down to earth and make music for the right reasons.

Stuff to keep an eye out for in 2015? Oh man, there are so many good releases coming. The Sonic Jesus debut (double) album 'Neither Virtue Nor Anger' which we are releasing April 16th. It's simply one of the best albums I have ever heard. I still can't believe that we get to release it.

10 000 Russos! They are absolutely mind blowing, I'm sure everyone that went to the Reverence Festival last year will agree. Their debut album will be out in May.

Singapore Sling have an album called 'Psych Fuck' coming. The name speaks for itself I guess.

Radar Men From The Moon just sent over their upcoming album that will surely make you dance.

The Underground Youth's upcoming album 'Haunted' is another masterpiece from Craig Dyer and co. They have added more electronic elements to their sound which is really interesting.

And talking about electronic, Throw Down Bones which is a new Italian band that plays beautiful dark electronica, is not to be missed. Their debut album comes out this summer.

Lots of split singles coming including A Place To Bury Strangers, The Telescopes, The Myrrors, Cult Of Dom Keller, White Hills, Dead Skeletons, and Anton Newcombe among others.

Another volume of The Reverb Conspiracy series and maybe a festival... plus releases by Dead Skeletons, Orange Revival and TAU.

And obviously I would recommend keeping an eye out for whatever Cardinal Fuzz, Sonic Cathedral, Rocket and Captcha Records put out which I'm sure will be amazing.

10000 Russos - Karl Burns [405 Premiere]

Portuguese psych rockers 10000 Russos have given us a brilliant insight into their debut album due out May/June 2015 via Fuzz Club. The track 'Karl Burns' has dark experimental elements that are supported by a charming groove. Already established in their home of Portugal, this trio is about to take the rest of Europe's psych scene by storm.

The Playlist

Singapore Sling - 'You Drive Me Insane'

Radar Men From The Moon - 'Surrealist Appearance'

The Wands - 'War'

Fuzz Club Records takeover The Shacklewell Arms on Friday 13th March. Tickets are available here.