Label Mates III kicked off at The Shacklewell Arms on March 6th, so we're getting to know the bands and labels involved. We caught up with Trevor McCabe to chat about Odd Box Records.

The Rundown

Home to?
Tyrannosaurus Dead, T-Shirt Weather, The Ethical Debating Society, The Wolfhounds, The Wendy Darlings, The Manhattan Love Suicides, T.O.Y.S., City Yelps and many more 'one off' releases.

When did it start?
May 2009.

What was your first release?
A 7" single (Oh, Vanity!) by The Kick Inside.

How did it start?
After my old label Lost Music came to an end I wanted to keep doing stuff and Odd Box was born. The Kick Inside single was due to be part of a split 7" on Lost Music, but when that ended that single became the first release on Odd Box.

The best thing about running a label?
Finding new bands and getting excited about getting their music out there.

What artists are you guys spinning the most at the moment?
There is loads of good stuff coming out at the moment. Ela Orleans has a fab new record coming out called 'Upper Hell' - which I've been playing a lot since I got the promo stream. I'm also listening to the new Evans The Death record a lot at the moment, it's such a good record. Oh, and Flemmings. They had a tape out last year. They're great. And also it's great to see a former Odd Box released band Pinkshinyultrablast getting a fab new record out on ClubAC30. That's an early contender for the best LP of the year.

What do you look for in a new artist?
I don't have a set criteria for what makes something feel right for Odd Box. I trust my instincts on submissions I receive, and for the most part that's seen the label do pretty 'OK'. Also, as I do a lot of small run 'one offs' it often helps to test run whether the band are going to be a good fit for the label. Sometimes these 'one offs' are a spring board for the band to go to a bigger DIY label which is great because it means I have helped get the band the exposure to reach more people.

Upcoming releases in 2015?
The Manhattan Love Suicides album has just come out. After that we have a bunch of 7" singles in our 100 Club Series coming up, with releases by Year Of Birds and Chorusgirl already in production and further down the line we'll have 7" by Sweet Benfica and Heathers (from LA). LP wise we are releasing the debut album from The Ethical Debating Society which will be hitting the shops in May. And T-Shirt Weather are currently recording their album - so that will come out later this year. Also have an LP by City Yelps due for release this year. It's good to be busy!

Odd Box Records takeover The Shacklewell Arms on March 9th (tonight)! Tickets are available here.

The Playlist

Tyrannosaurus Dead - 'Local Bullies'

The Wolfhounds - 'Slide'

The Ethical Debating Society - 'Future Imperfect'