I'd like to shine the spotlight on one of my favorite record labels, 31G , named after a line in the chorus of Joy Divisions song Warsaw, is a record label founded and run by Justin Pearson who some of you may know from the band The Locust. The label is a great showcase for the San Diego hardcore scene which is alive and well and churning out some of the most interesting and extreme hardcore music that it's been my pleasure to endure. The Locust, Holy Molar, Head Wound City, Ground Unicorn Horn, Some Girls, Swing Kids, have all put out music through 31G, and those are just the bands that JP plays in. The label is like one big happy family with most bands containing members from at least one other band in their line-up. This gives the label a real sonic identity without them re-hashing the same music over and over again. Although perhaps to the untrained ear Holy Molar might sound like The Locust, but then you really aren't listening properly. Formed in the early 90's the label never intended to fit in with the mainstream music world. The front page of 31G's website has a disclaimer saying 'You needn't call it music if the term offends you', it's a middle-finger to anyone who wants to dismiss the music they put out. They don't give a fuck what you think, especially if you don't like it. Pearson himself has even said "I just want to change the way people look at music, or maybe just destroy it in general" which will certainly ring true to anyone who has heard anything from any of the number of bands he plays in. Most 31G bands play an off-brand version of Hardcore or punk, be it buzzed over by erratic synth splurges, off beat time signatures or distorted yelps.  Das Oath are a balls to the wall punk band who don't allow the listener a moments respite, each track bleeding into the next, barely giving the listener time to breath before launching into the next razor wire guitar attack. The Locust specialize in songs that have titles longer than the duration of the track it's naming and show of a true technicality and musicianship which is put through the grinder of their dual synth and fearsome drum attacks. Cattle Decapitation are a gore/grindcore band that have evolved from 'just another Locust' offshoot band into a fully fledged monster of it's own. The list goes on and on and on. It's important for any independent record label to be trusted by the people who are buying records from them and I feel that 31G is a label that can deliver nine times out of ten.  It is of course a very niche label so I wouldn't expect everyone to be a fan of what they're selling, in fact I had to go and see The Locust on my own recently due to the fact that none of my friends wanted to come with me. This shouldn't let it put you off though, if you're a fan of extreme hardcore or punk then I'd implore you to check out any of the bands on their roster. For the full line up of bands and for more information on the label go here 31G