Audio Antihero Records was tarted in 2009, when Jamie Halliday decided to release the first (and only) Nosferatu D2 album, We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise. (“No reformation, no tour, no PR campaign – just me and a stack of CDs making the most of the kindness of strangers”, said Halliday). The album was praised by Gareth Campesinos, amongst others. Two years later, the DIY label works with the likes of Benjamin Shaw, Jack Hayter, and Broken Shoulder (with Flying Kites ‘ Neil Debnam), and is about to release Wartgore Hellsnicker’s Moderate Rock EP. And so the story goes… Must Have Records Photobucket Nosferatu D2 - 'We're Gonna Walk Around This City With Our Headphones On To Block Out The Noise': The uncompromising, raw and –let’s say it- perfect ND2 album. And of course, the beginning of the Audio Antihero Story. Photobucket Broken Shoulder - 'BROKEN SHOULDERRR' : Brand new EP out on march 27th, but believe it, it’s an instant classic, full of electro/strange/beautiful noises. Photobucket Bob Hope Would – A Charity Compilation For Japan: 34 tracks, including Benjamin Shwa, Shoes&Socks Off, Stagecoach, The Victorian English Gentlemen Club, Darren Hayman and many more. Totally reflecting the AAH philosophy. DIY never dies! Must Watch Records Words from The Label : (We caught Jamie Halliday and asked him questions. And this is the result) On AAH: The best memory was just living and breathing the first few weeks. I never slept. I was so excited and so happy to finally be doing it. I can remember dancing in my room by myself with excitement at whatever was going my way at that particular moment. It was the kind of situation where I’d go to bed at 1am and then at 1:06am go ‘WELL, I CAN’T SLEEP. BETTER GET BACK TO WORK!’ – it was awesome. On Inspiration & models: Inspiration I’ve certainly taken a lot from Sub Pop. Their building of a label identity was ingenious and I’ve stolen all their cheeky lines down to the letter. Upcoming Audio Antihero release Wartgore Hellsnicker’s Moderate Rock EP is pretty much a love letter to Sub Pop in fact….have a look at the cover art and you cannot miss it. On the Music Industry: I’m not an expert on anything but in my view the industry is a mess, everyone thinks it’s run by crooks but we’re not, we’re just inept. (...) I also really don’t see how the ‘blagging culture’ can be healthy either (not that I haven’t gratefully received some free CDs and tickets in my short time) if you yourself don’t buy music how can you possibly pretend to know how to sell it? I’m not smarter than these people by any means but I’d like to think I don’t put myself in a position to endanger as many jobs either! (…) Sharing/Stealing/Streaming. It all devalues what I consider the most beautiful art form on the planet – but there’s no point having that conversation anymore. Suffice to say that the instant nature of today’s music world is looking likely to damage the significance of music to our lives and souls forever. Nothing will ever be fully absorbed as we still have another 150 albums to stream and never buy – to never take with us into our wiser years. Words of Wisdom: Independent music isn’t really geared for huge highs and lows, I don’t think. I’ll probably (definitely) never get to back flip off Wartgore Hellsnicker’s drum kit into an audience of lusting young ladies at Reading Festival or get introduced to Bruce Springsteen backstage by Benjamin Shaw but hey. It’s a long steady slog with no particular destination and most days you lose – but every so often something happens that brings you so much joy that you well up and smile like a buffoon. Those are the days, man.