Mike Patton is a man I have admired for many years. Ever since I was introduced to Mr. Bungle and they’re bizarre world I have clamoured to hear more and more from this seemingly insane musical genius. I thought it was about time to turn the spotlight on the record label that Mike Patton, along with Mark Wreckman, runs, Ipecac. I want to show people that Patton is not only committed to putting out interesting music of his own but of other varied and fascinating artists as well. The label was initially founded in order to release the debut album of Mike Patton’s bizarre noise band Fantômas. However they soon ended up putting albums out by The Melvins, ISIS, and various projects that Patton was involved in, including General Patton Vs. The Executioners, Peeping Tom, and Tomahawk. They have an unusual business practice in that they only ever sign a band to a one album deal, something that is considered ill advised by most of the industry, but co-owner Mark Werckman says “You're not really anything, then… We like our catalogue. We like the records we put out. Our bands aren't rushing away. Our job isn't to own any artist. We're here to put out the art that people create." This belief coupled with the fact that they never press any more than 20,000 records at a time which, along with other factors, allows them to give bands a bigger slice of the money made on the records they’ve produced "Every six months I send those guys the fattest royalty checks," Werckman says. "It's great. It's the way it should be. Even bands that are very successful — when they get royalty checks from us, they're stunned." With an attitude like that it isn’t too much of a surprise that artists keep coming back to them and have helped Ipecac release some of the most original and innovative music of the past decade. With fifty four bands on their roster, which range from the extreme; The Locust, although frontman Justin Pearson has his own record label in 31G they released their Safety Second, Body Last ep through Ipecac. The Locust are an extreme grind-core band that specialise in minute long blasts of synth, blistering drum playing and spazzy guitar bursts. To the mixture of hip-hop and shoegaze with Dalek who have released all four of their albums with Ipecac. They use a mixture of traditional hip-hop instrumentation with turntables and MC’ing with sheets of industrial noise to create a nightmare vision of the world we currently live in. Even Post-Metal titans ISIS have been working with Ipecac since they released their seminal album Oceanic. Frontman Aaron Turner, who also runs Hydrahead records, has said that it’s better to allow someone else to work with your own releases rather than try and manage them yourselves and recognises in Ipecac the excellence and drive to release the best music possible music that his own label does. I could go on for several more paragraphs about the diverse and innovative artists that have chosen Ipecac as a home for their music but I don’t want to waste anymore of your time. All I can say is that you should check out their website here; http://www.ipecac.com/ and find out more for yourself. Whatever your tastes your bound to find something that you’ll like. kinked odd wacko bonkers creepy spooky Website: http://www.ipecac.com/ MP3: Isis - 20 Minutes/40 years MP3: The Melvins - Honey Bucket MP3: Tomahawk - Antelope Ceremony