Label: Wichita Recordings Website: From: London Founded: 2000 Founder: Mark Bowen & Dick Green UK Artists: Bloc Party, Conor Oberst, Those Dancing Days, Los Campesinos!, Sky Larkin, Peter Bjorn & John, The Cribs, The Bronx, The Dodos The Wichita Recordings ethos is pretty much a flawless one. Loosely, it is no album gets released unless both Mark Bowen (not the ex-Norwich City right back) and Dick Green love everything about it. You can't argue with that. Their taste seems equally flawless too, Bright Eyes, Bloc, The Dodos and The Cribs make up just some of their impressive roster. Green and Bowen are Wichita Recordings, one goes to find the bands and the other does most of the paperwork and there's also no pupeteering Major to poach their best finds. They know each other well after working together at the iconic nineties label Creation Records (Oasis et al), and when that dissolved, they combined to set up what has become one of the few truly independent labels left. Bloc Party Their biggest break came in the form of Bloc Party and Silent Alarm. The band signed in 04 and by February of the next year they had given them a top three album, and even into the Billboard 200 in America. Wichita have clung on to Bloc for UK releases, managing to propel A Weekend In The City to No.2 in the UK Chart and 12th in the Billboard. A feat and a half for such an independent label. The Cribs They've had the best of The Cribs too, albums one to three were Wichita outings as well as the debut UK EP release by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. We can thank Wichita for early My Morning Jacket releases and all the wailings of Clap our Hands And Say Yeah. Conor Oberst Conor Oberst's now retired Bright Eyes may have slipped through their grasp- although they did put out “Lifted...” and Fevers And Mirrors- the latest Mystic Valley Band project is a Wichita offspring. It was deemed as a real return to form for Oberst, although few would say he had actually dipped. In a similar vein, The Dodos continue to grow into a gem for them, their impossibly good Visiter has just been matched by their newest, Time To Die. Sky Larkin The future looks as bright as Wichita's short history. Scandinavian popsters Those Dancing Days could be a real find if they can follow up their eponymous album with something equally as good. The punky-indie of Leeds' Sky Larkin are breaking new ground for Wichita, with early single Beeline you got a watch along with the hard-copy and mp3 single. When you bring in Peter Bjorn and John, Los Campesinos!, Simian Mobile Disco, First Aid Kit and Lovvers to name just a few, you have a Wichita future to look forward too.