Speaking at the Radio Festival in Salford earlier this week, Member of Parliament Tom Watson suggested that BBC 6 Music would be wise to make the leap to FM.

The Guardian reports that Watson, a self-confessed indie music fan, thought that the BBC station could effectively take over for Radio 3's slot.

"6 Music is a huge success story for the BBC," he said. "They tried to close it down and its audience doubled, they now have more listeners digitally than Radio 3 has got on both digital and the FM network." This coming nearly four years after BBC 6 Music was shut down, managing less than 600 thousand listeners per week in 2009.

The overall shift in listeners happened years prior, with BBC 6 Music reigning in over 16 million per week compared to Radio 3's 10.5 million. Still, while 57 percent of the population according to DAB Radio listen's to digital radio "at least once a week," the majority of listeners still come in analogue formats; 63.2 percent to be exact according to figures from the second quarter of 2014.

"I’m a 6 Music fan, I readily admit I’ve got a particular position on it," Watson added. "I’m not saying close Radio 3, but I’m saying it’s becoming a niche station and niche stations can be provided for digitally and over the net."

Watson's peculiar music tastes (at least according to Parliamentary standards) are fairly well known. After being assigned at the Deputy Chair of the Labour Party in 2011, Watson resigned from the position July of 2013. In his official resignation letter to Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband, Watson even managed to name drop Drenge.

An unnamed BBC spokesperson chimed in, neutrally, saying; "We are very proud of both stations and think they are working brilliantly for listeners as they are, so we see no reason to change their broadcast arrangements."