Ladytron may not be a household name, but in the world of electro the Liverpool natives are certainly no strangers to creating their own brand of synth pop perfection that has channelled the way for British electronic fare for over a decade. With their previous albums such as Light & Magic and Velocifero Ladytron have been influential in breaking the mould for new wave electronic music and in turn have created a loyal fan base and a distinct sound.

Ladytron's latest single 'Ace of Hz' may have been selected by EA Games for the Fifa 11 soundtrack, however that certain spark that has been universal in their music until now isn't present here. While pulsing synthesisers remain, in place of thumping bass lines and switches between soaring and breathy two-part female vocals, their newest offering provides overly repetitive lyrics and a rather uninspiring, recurring melody, albeit one that is sure to stay in your head for weeks.

Having spent years remixing bands such as Goldfrapp, Blondie and Bloc Party, the tables have turned and Ace Of Hz features no less than five remixes from the likes of Punks Jump Up, Nycpartyinfo and two tracks by Tiesto, each remix encompassing the same monotonous melody, yet all with a smattering of different bass lines and synths that provide contrast and colour to its original counterpart.

'Ace of Hz' will be featured on both the band's upcoming Best Of album and their fifth studio album Ladytron 00-10 this spring. Ladytron are an incredible band, and for years they have been instrumental in pioneering the British electronic scene. However if 'Ace Of Hz' is any indication of the rest of their new material then its seems as though Ladytron are verging towards the more mainstream dance direction and moving away slightly from their unique sound that has made them stand out in the past.