Lala Lala, the project of Chicago-based Lillie West, will release a new album called The Lamb through Hardly Art on September 28th. It's an album that she says "was written during a time of intense paranoia after a home invasion, deaths of loved ones and general violence around me and my friends... I began to frequently and vividly imagine the end of the world, eventually becoming too frightened to leave my house. This led me to spend a lot of time examining my relationships and the choices I’d made, often wondering if they were correct and/or kind.”

The first cut to be aired from The Lamb is 'Destroyer', which captures the intensity and insecurity that she explained above. Talking about 'Destroyer' specifically she says "['Destroyer'] is about retroactively realizing your feelings and trying to figure out what happened to get you where you are. Feeling out of control and like you’re stuck in a feedback loop.”

'Destroyer' takes us inside Lala Lala's tortured and repetitive thoughts, before exploding in a chorus of pure passion and accusation, as she unequivocally blames a former flame for the pain in her heart. The song seems simple on early listens, but further repetitions reveal the care and craft that have gone into the production, which truly makes 'Destroyer' seem like it's coming from a bruised and confused mental state.

The video for 'Destroyer' taps into this too, as we see West under constant attack, which she fights off with muscle and fearlessness. Check it out below.