Chicago-based Lillie West, aka Lala Lala, will be releasing a new album called The Lamb through Hardly Art on September 28th. Following on from 'Destroyer', released a few weeks ago, she now presents the equally stark and personal 'Water Over Sex', along with a stop-motion video.

Speaking about the central idea of 'Water Over Sex', West simply states that it came from the idea “that any good fortune I encountered would be subsequently taken from me to ‘balance the scales.’" The song that has come out of that concerning thought is subtly menacing and assuredly personal. Lala Lala sets out the song on slightly reverberating guitars and clicking percussion, marrying it with a gloomy vocal that cloaks the atmosphere, making the perfect setting for her to let out these torturous emotions.

'Water Over Sex' also comes with a stop-motion animated video, co-directed by Matthew James-Wilson and Toronto-based illustrator Ginette Lapalme. Watch below.

You can pre-order Lala Lala's The Lamb from here ahead of its September 28th release on Hardly Art.