If you liked the wedding theme of 'Ultraviolence' (watch below), you'll probably be down with the next chapter in the fascinating story of Lana Del Rey.

In an interview with Billboard, the singer confirmed that her latest album is taking shape (she's written nine songs), and that it will be titled Honeymoon.

"It's very different from the last one and similar to the first two, Born to Die and Paradise," claims Lana. "I finished my last one [Ultraviolence] in March and released it in June and I had a follow-up idea. It's growing into something I really like. I'm kind of enjoying sinking into this more noirish feel for this one. It's been good."

She also confirmed that she's covering Nina Simone's 'Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood'm and Jessie Mae Robinson's 'The Other Woman'. Should be interesting.

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