I don't think Lana Del Rey has ever made a supposedly happy occasion sound so desperately creepy and despairing as she has in 'Honeymoon'. Things in the lyrics (above) like "guns that blaze around you", "bullet car" and "Mr. Born to Lose", not to mention "the history of violence that surrounds you" and "dark blue" – possibly referring to the colour of bruises – imply not only a kind of apathetic nihilism at work in whoever this Mr Born to Lose is, but also a distinct disconnect with real life, as shown in the final refrain: "Dreaming away your life…"

It's a sad song. Nevertheless, whilst it's probably not going to make my regular listening list, there is undeniable beauty in the fleeting strings, the richly layered vocals, Lana Del Rey's voice itself fluttering in a masochistic semi-lament, the dirge-like gravity of the track with its thumping drum and furrowed-brow piano – all the archetypal vintage-aping noir romanticism that Lana Del Rey fans go crazy for.

And if you didn't guess it, this is very much the title track from Honeymoon, the third album from Lana Del Rey, announced earlier this year.