Land Observations makes "musical compositions responding to roads and streets" which sounds as lovely as it is, so it's rather exciting that he'll be releasing a new album The Grand Tour on 28 June. It's his follow-up to the critically acclaimed Roman Roads IV-XI and crafts an imaginary travelogue through Western, Central, and Southern Europe much like the historic Grand Tour itself. The record was recorded on the edge of the Bavarian Alps with just one 6 string electric guitar at his side. You can view the tracklist below, and watch a trailer for the record as well.

  • Tracklist:
  • On Leaving The Kingdom For The Well-Tempered Continent
  • Flatlands And The Flemish Roads
  • From The Heights Of The Simplon Pass
  • Nice To Turin
  • Ode To Viennese Streets
  • The Brenner Pass
  • Walking The Warm Colonnades
  • Return To Ravenna