If you're going to find yourself in London towards the last half of February, do yourself a favor and check out the newly announced residency from London quartet Landshapes. They'll be performing on the 12th, 19th, and 26th of February at the Total Refreshment Centre supported by Tirzah, The Invisible, DEEP THROAT choir, and Ada. The band's own Luisa Gerstein commented on the residency in a press release, saying "people don't really seem to do residencies anymore. London can feel a bit lonely in music, even though it's saturated with bands it's hard to find community in that. As a band it's of course something that we crave, and we love playing live, the good shows are what you live for."

That's not all, though! The good news keeps on rolling as the band are streaming their brand new single 'Moongee' below, which they call "a concise version of a 20 minute jam". It's our first taste of the band's sophomore album, which doesn't have a title yet but will be out on Bella Union sometime this year. Read what inspired the band to write the song below, and then listen to it for yourself!

“The lyrics are written from the perspective of lunar migratory geese. There’s a story written by Francis Godwin - a 17th century Bishop that describes the journey of a man being carried to the moon by a flock of lunar geese, and then in recent years, artist Agnes Meyer Brandis has embarked on a project to see whether these moon geese still exist, and if so, whether they might have forgotten their annual migration to the moon and are perhaps stranded.”

Listen below.

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