In this era of virtually limitless connectivity at our fingertips, mid-life crises are happening earlier and earlier. Some have even taken to renaming them quarter-life crises as they have been prevalent among 20-something millennials recently. Australia’s Will Cuming, known by his stage name LANKS, is no stranger to the feeling; today he released his eagerly awaited debut LP, twentyseven, about the subject. In the title track’s brand new video, Cuming addresses the issue head-on, redirecting the specters in his mind from pushing him around to dancing feverishly in his honor.

“That’s the taste of futility!” a cheery woman declares in a black-and-white breakfast ad at the start of LANKS’ clip. “Three servings of horrific existential dread to kickstart your day!” Cuming watches the TV with intrigue as his song builds in the background, ready to show us his inner demons and conquer them. Life can sometimes feel so hard that we no longer feel in touch with our childhood dreams, but LANKS strains to reach them once more, after receiving love and support from the people around him.

Despite having written these tracks at different periods ('Holla' and 'Bitter Leaf' appeared on his 2016 EP Viet Rose), LANKS manages to thread motifs of growth throughout 'twentyseven'. Production from Andrei Eremin never ceases to impress, blending beats until they are impossibly smooth to complement Cuming’s own shining vocals. Fellow up-and-coming Aussie artist, Ngaiire, accompanies him on 'My Own Mystery', and her performance goes unrivaled as the only feature on the record. Give the full album a listen and see if it doesn’t straighten out your own spiritual plight.

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