It's a curious thing. The multitude of layers that make up 'Settle Down' don't reveal themselves at full volume. I took my eardrums to bursting point for my own enjoyment and I found nothing more than epiphanies about life decisions from long past. Then I turned it down and I realised there was so much I had missed, because it was all steadily flowing in the same direction I had lost it in the noise. There is so much going on beneath the surface, it's warm, rich and luxurious, an aural duvet with a high tog, it is several other analogies that you'll skim past.

Lanks opens 'Settle Down' with the chorus, each time it returns with more attached to it, a little more to weigh it down, more meaning to attribute to it's ambiguity. It's the measure of his craft that the song is paced so perfectly, that its depth allows multiple listens, that it can inspire so much feeling with so little provocation. It's one of those songs that should soundtrack a montage scene, so take a breath, hit play, and get to it.

'Settle Down' is taken from his forthcoming Banquet EP, due to be released on July 3rd. Listen to it below: