The Jacksonville-based experimental pop duo involving Memphis-born artist Rania Woodard and producer/songwriter Brian Squillace, who work as LANNDS, find beauty inside the chaos with their latest single, ‘you + drugs’. Debuting today in company with the group’s sophomore EP, Legends, LANNDS’ sonic elegance is located in the locality in which indie-pop encounters indie dark-folk. Think along the lines of The Japanese House meeting Daughter.

LANNDS’ musical prowess comes from the significant asset of Woodard's blissful vocals, aching with beauty and sorrow throughout ‘you + drugs’’ four minute running time. Her captivating vocals thrive largely due to Squillace’s shining electro-pop reveries. The amalgamation of Woodard’s distinct vocals and Squillace’s celestial productions work remarkably smooth together and in return, allows for the twosome to craft a complimenting and fully dynamic resonance.

‘you + drugs’ is the follow-up to the spring release of ‘Legends’ (also on the new EP). Continuing the pair’s propensity to construct coming-of-age matters within their finely-shaped songs, this latest effort showcases the band’s perceptions on an obsessive relationship and how one’s mindset and low-spirited reflections are escalating out of control as time lingers on. Combining this narrative along with the track’s melodic tone of panicky synths, dream-pop guitar echoes, and disarming vocals becomes both effective and emotionally powerful on plentiful levels.

LANNDS’ Legends EP is out now.