Colombia's finest, Lao Ra has shared a new piece of music, which is all kinds of exciting because we love her.

'Bala (Bacano Bootleg #1)' is the debut track in her reinterpretations series, which will attempt to shine "a light on the broad mix of underground global sounds which influence her songwriting." Here's what she had to say about her adventure through Tony Montana:

"Bala is about Pablo Escobar and the memories I have from the '90s in Colombia - the news on the telly and my parents’ conversations from when I was very little," she says. "The referee, the TV presenter, the prison that he built, the wild animals that lived in his finca. ‘Bala’ means ‘bullet’; so does ‘plomo’, and those were his most famous words: ‘plata o plomo’ – ‘money or a bullet’."

Lao Ra should also be announcing live dates pretty soon, so keep an eye open for that.