Upcoming Irish newcomer LAOISE recently released her anticipated sophomore EP and its title track ‘Mad,’ which has now been given the video treatment. The off-kilter pop gem is less helpless romanticism and more so self-realization that she can so much better. For an artist of just 22 years of age, LAOISE demonstrates a huge maturity within her writing and a strong sense of female empowerment which will serve her well as her fanbase naturally increases.

The video sees the songwriter playing an animatronic style character, controlled by the male forces around her. The visuals explode in line with ‘Mad’’s racing chorus as LAOISE breaks away from the clasps of the conventional. The track itself is a distinctive, sugary dose of pure pop with an infectious melody reminiscent of Carly Rae Jepsen and Tay-Sway.

Speaking on the video LAOISE notes:

“'The Mad' music video was so much fun to make - we worked with a lot of the same people that made the 'Again' music video with us and more. It was really cool to be on set as the average age was probably 21?! So it was most people's first time on a music video set, you could feel the fresh, bright energy coming from everyone. I guess the video itself showcases somewhat of a stereotypical narrative on what's expected of a woman to be successful, almost as if they're created in a lab, and that maybe such a consideration wouldn't be made for a guy.”

Check out LAOISE's music video for ‘Mad’ above.