Hot off the back of this year’s amazing Ruinism, Lapalux has returned with a new EP, The End Of Industry. Uploading the first single 'Holding On', Lapalux described the concept behind the EP: “The premise…was to make something that resembled the current automated world we’re now living in,” further stating “Computerised machines are now taking over a vast majority of industrial tasks and this EP is a window into that transitioning world.”

The 5-track EP was made from self-modulating and self-generative modular patches with which Lapalux has added a human element using recorded motifs and instrumentation as well as editing the music himself. He explains: “Having this human touch and adding a human aesthetic shows that human interaction is still necessary in the process of creation and manipulation, this EP is my take on the idea of the Human vs the Machine.”

The End Of Industry is released on 13th October via Brainfeeder.