Lára Rúnars, as the daughter of Icelandic musician Rúnar Þórisson, grew up surrounded by music, and is now making her own. You can see her performing Ghost below:

Tell us a little about yourself...

  • I'm an Icelandic woman in love with nature and its beauty, with a whole lot of interest in creativity, arts and fashion.
  • I'm a wife and a mother, a friend and a daughter.
  • I'm optimistic but dramatic, I'm sweet but tough. My music is me.

What can we expect from you at Airwaves 2011?

Energy, sincerity, beauty, colours, joy and clapping but most of all good music and great vibes.

What's your favourite Airwaves moment?

When I saw Patrick Watson play at Þjóðleikhúskjallarinn (the National Theatre). I love discovering new music so Airwaves is a feast for people like me.

I really enjoyed last year at Airwaves, when I did an Alice in Wonderland theme for my set and made paper owls and hats.

Who in your opinion is the one to watch from Iceland, and why?

We have a lot of great artists but my favourites are Mugison, Mammút, Lay Low, Valdimar, Bloodgroup, Sykur and Sóley.

For visitors to Airwaves, which one Icelandic sight should they see when they're over?

Anyone who has the time and money should take a plane (or drive) to the most beautiful place. It's in the West called Ísafjörður. It's my favourite place on earth. It has something magical about it.

Have a listen to Lara's playlist here, and the first 3 tracks are below: