Ah, gigs. For most bands, it's the best way to advertise their wares; what better way to experience a record than to hear it performed in front of you by flailing piles of flesh and bone? It's the human element that we crave in music, unfolding before your eyes. Fortunately, instead of gambling on the day of an event or tossing and turning at night fretting over which band to see, Last.fm have provided a lifeline. Their gig guide assembles all the events across your city, putting the listings into a neat'n'tidy order so you can see the who, what, where, when (but probably not why) on any given evening. To make that decision process even easier, here's our recommendations for the week ahead. We're nice like that.

Warpaint: 22/01/14 - Electrowerkz, London

Fresh new record in tow, everyone's favourite genre-defying LA foursome head to London for a long-awaited performance. With new tracks like the icicle-riddled swoonfest 'Biggy' and alt.pop anthem-in-the-making 'Love Is To Die', even if they don't traipse through elderly material, it's sure to be a night of unbridled transcendence.

I Break Horses: 23/01/14 - Village Underground, London

The Swedish electropop duo are back (no, not that one) with a phenomenal new record of pop delights. Chiaroscuro is the pair at their strongest, dissecting the contrasts between light and dark via their signature brand of prime synthery; tracks like the D'N'B-harking 'Faith' will get even the most reticent 'I don't dance'-er onto their pins cutting shapes like a dishevelled Brent. I Break Horses tread a fine-line between harrowing and satisfying with their latest work – and missing out on their display would be unfortunate indeed.

Elliphant: 24/01/14 - The Lexington, London

Just when we thought dubstep was dead, Ellinor Olovosdotter hoisted it from the banks of the Styx and onto Swedish shores. The Stockholm denizen has transmogrified the blah-wib-wob of yesteryear into a hulking, panting Scandi-dance megaladon. 'Down On Life' is a neo-dancehall choon (the 'ch' is important here) and also her calling-card, but there's sure to be more pop gems of a similar ilk spread through the night; it's imperative you bring your dancing shoes and stretch before attending or else you'll probably slip a disc from partying too hard.

James Vincent McMorrow: 26/01/14 - Barbican Centre, London

Irish folk-pop troubadour James Vincent McMorrow, who's falsetto is instantly recognisable, is set to waft the sounds of his sophomore LP Post-Tropical through London Sunday night. Enveloped by a host of fresh sounds, McMorrow's deliciously evolved timbre is, to quote the ineffable Miley Cyrus, the best of both worlds: pinpricked with weepy feelings and delicate vocal coos, he summons enormous swathes of sound, sculpting illustrious soundscapes before your very ears. If you like your music bittersweet with a dollop of experimental Bon Iver, this is the guy for you.

Younghusband: 28/01/14 - Madame JoJo's, London

Experience the early '90s once more with Younghusband. Counting Zane Lowe, Guy Garvey and Jarvis Cocker amongst their fans, the foursome peddle a woozy psychedelic sojourn with faint flecks of acid-house. If Jagwar Ma went down the dance route when carousing with the genre, Younghusband have veered towards a little place called 'rock'; they combine lilting axe licks and the wild drone sound of sitars (though it's not really sitars) with dazed, bruised vocal performances from Euan Hinshelwood – whose name you may recognise from the ranks of Emmy The Great.