Ah, gigs. For most bands, it's the best way to advertise their wares; what better way to experience a record than to hear it performed in front of you by flailing piles of flesh and bone? It's the human element that we crave in music, unfolding before your eyes. Fortunately, instead of gambling on the day of an event or tossing and turning at night fretting over which band to see, Last.fm have provided a lifeline.

Their gig guide assembles all the events across your city, putting the listings into a neat'n'tidy order so you can see the who, what, where, when (but probably not why) on any given evening. To make that decision process even easier, here's our recommendations for the week ahead. We're nice like that.

Wild Beasts: 26/02/14 - XOYO, London

Tickets may be scant for this show, but if you can pilfer one from a mate or yoink one from someone hawking it via Twitter, it'll be damn worth it. As the band's launch show for their new album, Present Tense, it'll be one of the first places to see their phenomenal record performed live. In our 9.5/10 review, Rob Hakimian states: "Present Tense is their most beautiful, arresting and accomplished album to date - which is saying something for a band that already had a high stock of dazzling and inventive songs. They've done this by not only changing their sound musically, but opening up and being more honest."

TOY: 27/02/14 - King Tut's Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow

Psychedelic post-punks TOY are jetting across the UK in support of their recent LP's release. Join The Dots may not have given the Brighton fivesome fame and adoration by the bucketful, but the potent concoction of rolling Krauty motoriks, hallucinogen guitar riffs and tantric, feral soundscapes, will surely be a marvellous sight to behold.

Eagulls: 28/02/14 - The Louisiana, Bristol

Leeds' punkiest garage revivalists have cultivated a pretty divisive spray of opinions in their short years, and while some of their more ambiguously maybe-bigoted views aren't widely shared (though they have some pretty nice ruminations on foppy-haired slackers), they are purveyors of face-melting aggro-rock noises. Dealing with topics of urban decay and being young and poor, they're a genuinely punk prospect in a sea of Mummy-funded acts. Perhaps they're not the most original sounding outfit, but Eagulls will ensure your very core is shaken in the Louisiana's minute upstairs.

Foxes: 01/03/14 - Stealth, Nottingham

Southampton's Louisa Allen is rapidly becoming one of the hottest electro-pop dancefloor magnets, and the recent Grammy (co-)winner, with belters like 'Youth' and the Top 40-storming 'Let Go For Tonight' is undoubtedly going to throw a party like no other. One might call it Gatsby-esque. Her brand of hypercoloured party-pop, á la Icona Pop, is brimming with effervescent joy and, crucially, more than 100% of your daily RDA of Vitamin F (the 'F' stands for 'fun').

Luke Sital-Singh, Eliza and The Bear, Annie Eve and Farewell J.R: 02/03/14 - Ruby Lounge, Manchester

Featuring four brilliant up-and-comers - London's folk-popster Luke Sital-Singh, indie act Eliza and The Bear, the raw-bones acoustic frailty of Annie Eve, and Farewell J.R's grand chamber-folk soundscapes - Communion's New Faces Tour will cram in some of the strongest new music you'll find this early in 2014. If you like your sounds dominated by folk-inspired six-stringest, tearjerk vocals and lush emotional glades, then you'll want to strut up to the Ruby Lounge for this one.