Ah, gigs. For most bands, it's the best way to advertise their wares; what better way to experience a record than to hear it performed in front of you by flailing piles of flesh and bone? It's the human element that we crave in music, unfolding before your eyes. Fortunately, instead of gambling on the day of an event or tossing and turning at night fretting over which band to see, Last.fm have provided a lifeline. Their gig guide assembles all the events across your city, putting the listings into a neat'n'tidy order so you can see the who, what, where, when (but probably not why) on any given evening. To make that decision process even easier, here's our recommendations for the week ahead. We're nice like that.

Outfit: 29/01/14 - XOYO, London

For their biggest live date of their career so far, Liverpool's Outfit are set to take to XOYO's stage. Be prepared for the fivesome to riddle you with psych-pop slugs. The Double Denim denizens will knock you for six via a calculated fusillade of cleaver-sharp hooks and an alluring fatal aura. They're doing things with guitars that you can only dream of. This Last.fm live-hosted show also features Last.fm DJs, which is pretty rad!

Ella Eyre: 30/01/14 – BCUC SU, High Wycombe

Fresh from her time as BBC Sound Of 2014 runner-up, BRIT School alum and Top 40 bait Ella Eyre is wowing this wet'n'windy nation with her bombastic soul-pop. Perhaps one of the strongest voices the UK has seen in years, an opportunity to catch her live at both an intimate locale, and at this exciting time in her career, is not to be passed up.

Rachel Sermanni: 31/01/14 – Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow

Scotland's most promising and invigorating folk prospect, 22-year-old Rachel Sermanni, is on a jaunt across the UK to display her recent lauded EP, Everything Changes. She brandishes a deeply affecting strain of acoustic singer-songwriter folk, a kind that can veer from chirpy bucolic glee all the way to neo-goth funeral bitterness. Expect her show to shake your very core.

East India Youth: 01/02/14 - Korova, Liverpool

East India Youth – AKA William Doyle – has set the bar high for 2014 so far, arguably releasing the strongest record of the year to date, Total Strife Forever. His pigeonhole-phobic sound skirts electronica, synthpop, ambient and dance, all the while injecting a certain unnameable quality that sets him massively apart from his peers. Doyle's live performances are nothing short of transcendent – but make sure you expect things to get sweaty.

Anna Calvi: 02/02/14 – The Belfast Empire Music Hall, Belfast

Anna Calvi's recent(ish) sophomore record was a fascinating anthology indeed, one that showcased her penchant for elaborate dramatics, flammable emotion and superb six-stringer skills; when it was released we said that it was "epic, explosive, fragile and tender in equal parts". Calvi's now bringing those qualities to the stage. She's sure to deliver something on par with a one-man opera up there, delivering both emotive testimony and rousing renditions of her raucous compositions.