Angelica Garcia is a new voice from Los Angeles, singing about her experiences as a half-Mexican, half Salvadoran-American - with a fierceness that instantly announces her as someone to watch. She's just dropped a pair of new tracks, 'It Don't Hinder Me' and 'Karma The Knife', that give us the vivid picture of who she is as a person and ambassador of her culture.

As the title suggests, 'It Don't Hinder Me' is a song resounding with the pride of who she is and where she comes from. She went to school in California alongside children from wealthy families with desires to go into the film industry, which held up a mirror to her own family life. What she saw there made her brim with satisfaction, and that all comes out in the joyous, humorous and explosive 'It Don't Hinder Me'.

On the other side we have 'Karma The Knife', another characterful tracks that gives us a view into Angelica Garcia's humanity in a different way. Again unafraid to expose her feelings or admit her shortcomings, it partners beautifully with 'It Don't Hinder Me'. Check out both below.

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