Here's part two of my Latitude Festival review.

Saturday (a.k.a The Mars Volta or Sigur Rós Day)

The very second I got a programme on the Thursday I checked to see how bad the clash was going to be that night. “Wow, not too bad” I thought, I could see Mars Volta for 45 minutes and then jump over to the main stage to see the entire Sigur Rós set. Not perfect but better than expected. I think pretty much everyone had that idea too but more on that later.

Extreme alcohol consumption from the previous night meant me seeing fewer bands on this day, four in fact. But I did see some poetry which was pretty good and I managed to spend quite some time watching a tug of war at the Pimms island. The compere of the tug was quite brilliant and as funny a man you’ll ever find.

My first band of the day was Wild Beasts from Kendal, Cumbria. Although I’ve heard a couple of their songs prior to their set I still consider them a relatively new band to my ears so I was pleasantly surprised by what I heard. The odd amazing song was nestled between a couple more alright songs but overall I was happy I was in attendance. Singer Hayden Thorpe and bassist Tom Fleming had quite stunning voices and complimented the well structured and interesting songs they played darn well. I’m looking forward to hearing more from them (3/5). Next up was the Scottish genius Malcolm Middleton. I guess you can tell by that introduction that I kinda like him! The best review I could give of his set was that I took a friend that hates his sort of music and he agreed that he was quite special. A shy character on stage, it feels like he’s reading straight from his diary at times “fuck it I love you, there we go, three little words on your mobile phone”. Even with the rather personal nature of his music and lyrics, the vast majority of people that ventured into the woods to see him (which was a crazy amount) had huge smiles on their faces, including myself. Personal highlight was 'Fuck It, I Love You' (4/5)

Its quarter to nine and I’m stood in the Uncut Arena looking desperately at my watch. “Come on, come on” I was repeating in my head. Yes, it was Mars Volta Vs Sigur Rós time. Unfortunately TMV were running late, fifteen minutes to be exact. But once they strolled out onto stage it didn’t matter. For the 35 minutes I caught them they were incredible. I’ve not been that blown away from them since I first saw them at Reading festival years and years ago. Starting with Goliath from their latest album, TMV came out with all the aggression and power that they’d always promised. Stretching an already long song into a twenty minute jam session was classic TMV but it never got boring. Cedric was dancing around like a younger Michael Jackson, had he taken a stupid amount of acid and was much cooler. While guitarist/genius Omar conducted everyone else around him. It was a sight to behold. (6/5 yes 6/5). As soon as half nine came about there was a mass exodus to see Sigur Rós. Again, perfection was hit on Saturday 20th July. Playing for an hour and twenty minutes, Sigur Ros gave the sort of performance everyone expected. Beautiful, Beautiful, Beautiful. From the brass section all the way to the confetti being blown from the main stage, Sigur Ros cemented themselves into Latitude folklore. Mixing old songs alongside the latest songs from Með Suð í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust, everyone was having an amazing time and not only that but the band seemed like they were enjoying themselves too. Personal highlight was 'Gobbledigook' (5/5)

Come back tomorrow for he final part of my Latitude Festival review and Sunday for the Latitude Mixtape!