Oregon singer-songwriter Laura Gibson has announced that she'll be releasing a new album called Goners on October 26th through City Slang. The binding thread of the new 10-track collection, Gibson tells us, is that they "all circle around the theme of grief, and the intimacy of shared loss."

The first of these to be released is 'Tenderness', a song that we're told "reflects on the ways we project pain, lash out, or become cracked open by the immediacy of another person. The act of holding each others' trauma and grief, is both miraculous and messy. When we're young, we adopt certain strategies for seeking and receiving tenderness. Much of adulthood is spent dismantling those strategies, and drawing new ones. I wanted to write about that dismantlement."

Just as you would expect from that introduction, 'Tenderness' manages to encompass both the devastating and the comforting. Gibson immediately introduces us to an engulfing affair: "I met you the year I stopped fearing my body/ the sky split open above me/ it was a pleasure to meet your pain." Imbued with glorious strings, 'Tenderness' weaves its way through a thorny and beautiful path, teased all the way by Gibson's supple voice and the lingering question "do you want tenderness?" Listen below.

Laura Gibson's Goners is available for pre-order here. If you want to see her in London soon, then you'll have an opportunity as she plays with Dan Mangan at Queen Elizabeth Hall at South Bank on November 13th.