During the last few days, a mini-feud between Against Me! frontwoman Laura Jane Grace and Canadian indie-rockers Arcade Fire has dominated the internet (well, that and Kimye). The issue? The recently released video for 'We Exist' features, according to Grace, "stereotyping."

Focusing on actor Andrew Garfield's transgender character, Grace questioned why the band didn't cast an "actual Trans actor" for the role, to which Butler responded that "for a gay kid in Jamaica to see the actor who played Spider-Man in that role is pretty damn powerful, in my opinion." Meanwhile, director David Wilson has also revealed he initially thought of casting a trans actor but opted for Garfield due to his passion for the project.

However, this explanation didn't seem to fully address Grace's concerns, herself a transgender: "This article is hella problematic. To start with there's the fact that Win says 'he' and Wilson says 'she'... the implication that a homeless Jamaican LGBT youth living in a sewer is going to feel empowered because... a cis, straight white male actor in movies they can't afford to see stars in a music video they'll never watch? That's so like wtf?"

"My main problem with the video isn't even casting it's stereotyping," she continued. "Like why does Garfield cry about shaving their head to then put on a wig when they have gorgeous hair? Why does Garfield go to the shittiest bar ever to drink domestic beer and dance with bigot rednecks? And the idea that the band playing Coachella is their Mecca of acceptance and validation. Phfff. As if. If the song was called anything else I wouldn't have even had a problem with it it's called 'We Exist' and there is literally no signs of that existence represented. Should have been called 'They Exist'."

She also added she's a fan of Arcade Fire, calling their 2010 album The Suburbs "a perfect album": "That's why The Suburbs is great and the video sucks though... When you come from the perspective you're representing, it's truth and powerful."

Source: CoS