We heard most recently from Laura Misch with the release of 'Hibernate', a track written about and in aid of homeless people. She has now returned with another nocturnal track called 'Night Drive', which precedes her new mini album Lonely City, which is due out on May 3rd.

The new track evokes the 'Night Drive' of its title through softly propulsive synths underpinned by a subtle click and twinkling piano, all of which comes together to describe the muted activity of a cold night in the city. Inside the car though, it's a different story, as Misch is being subjected to shouts from an unnamed person next to her. Ever equanimous, matching the woozy feeling of the production, Misch simply sums him up by declaring "your anger is fear." It's a simple moment, but one that stops you in your tracks and demands that you pay attention. The track concludes with Misch taking the wheel herself, and driving off to who knows where - but the self-possession and confidence assures us that she knows best.

Laurs Misch's new mini album Lonely City comes out on May 3rd.