Ahead of their label's Tape Club Records tour this season, Laurel Collective are giving away a new track. 'Cruel Thing', the first we've heard from the London outfit since their very own secret festival In The Woods, is a racing soundscape of textures filled with a luscious bass groove, scratchy guitar riffs and tribal drumming. You can download it below.

And don't forget, you can catch the band playing live on the following dates:

  • Thursday 22nd November - Kraak - Manchester
  • Friday 23rd November - Modern Art - Oxford
  • Saturday 24th November - Oakford Social Club - Reading
  • Wednesday 28th November - The Railway - Winchester
  • Thursday 29th November - Undertone - Cardiff
  • Friday 30th November - Kraken Wakes - Portsmouth
  • Saturday 1st December - Bournemouth
  • Tuesday 4th December - 100 Club - London