Yesterday Twitter unveiled a band guide on how to get the most of the social networking site, and one of the points was "You don’t always have to rely on a publicist to say that you’re excited about your GRAMMY nominations; simply tweet it and share the joy instantly."

This doesn't really mean a great deal when it comes to this news piece, especially considering it wasn't Laurel Halo who tweeted the news that she'd signed with Hyperdub (it was the label that did that) - but it does go show you that a tweet as simplistic as "HDBCD014 Laurel Halo - 'Quarantine' Her debut album, released in May on Hyperdub," really is all you need sometimes.

We tried to get more information out of Hyperdub, but all they sent us was the promo shot you can see above (by Tim Saccenti). We'll share more information with you when we have it.