Lauren Pritchard Interview
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Lauren Pritchard, who hopefully some of you will have seen on the Island Life tour, was kind enough to take five and answer a few of our questions. Check out her latest single whilst you read what we hope you'll agree are some rather lovely and life affirming answers!
The 405: Hi Lauren. Could you please start by introducing yourself and giving us a brief history of your life up until now? Lauren Pritchard: I’m 22, originally from Jackson, Tennessee. I grew up always singing, always playing piano and always writing. And I decided one day, at 14, to put them all together and that’s what kicked off my adventure. I begged my parents to move me to LA so I could try to take it on as a career at 16 and they did, can you believe!?! After 2 years in California with no luck, I went on a one off audition for a show in New York City cause needed a job. No joke—only $15 in the bank at the time. Luckily I ended up booking it and got to be a lead role the Broadway show “Spring Awakening”. All the while, I was still writing, gigging in NYC and starting to find the people who I wanted to make music with. This led me to a publishing deal with Sony/ATV and finding the awesome Eg White. Eg works out of his home studio in London so I began making trips to the UK to write/produce the record with him in 2008. In the middle of 2009 I signed to Island Records. I guess that sort of brings us up to now… The 405: Which part of that background has been most influential in forming your current sound? LP: It’s all had a massive affect on me. The 405: How different is living in London/the UK to the US, and how has it affected your song writing? LP: Well there’s the discovery of Indian food!! It’s something I never had before coming to the UK. It’s a big difference but I love it in the UK, though I do miss the US a lot. But by being away from the comfort of everything, it allowed me to look at my life with an outsiders perspective. It helped with the story-telling element of writing. The 405: Are you excited about your forthcoming Island Life tour? LP: Yes!! The 405: And how did you get involved with the label? LP: I moved to London to make “Wasted In Jackson” with Eg White. In the middle of that process some of our demos were taken over to the folks at Island Records. We had a few meetings and I knew it was the right place for me. The 405: What’re the worst things about living in London? (Be honest!) LP: The rain! Sometimes I think I’m going to drown! The 405:We’re really looking forward to hearing your debut; what do you think you would change if you could go back and record the whole thing again? LP: I honestly don’t know.
The 405: Your vibe seems quite soulful but there are bluesy and pop notes in there too; how do you think of yourself in terms of the music you make and hope to make in the future? LP" I listen to all kinds of music and I always have. This shaped the music that I make into a hybrid of sorts. I think my music is rooted in soul but I also love rock and hip-hop and wanted to bring those elements to the music. I want to keep developing this sound into a more mature version of itself. The 405: You write on your Myspace with refreshing candour: the two years I spent making "Wasted in Jackson" have been the most educational, drunken, funny, tiring, sad, depressing and uplifting years to date. I pray that lasts." If it’s not too personal, could you give us some insight into that process? LP: I think it’s important for people to know that it’s me writing. I’m into social networking and I don’t have someone else do it for me, but in order for people to know that, you have to be wiling to be personal. I’m very honest. If you listen to the album you get the truth, if you go the Myspace etc, you get the truth. And the past few years have been great but they’ve also been weird. I assume I’m not alone in that statement either and it feels better to own up to it. The 405: Not to suggest at all that you wouldn’t be suited to playing to huge audience, but you have a very intimate voice and so; could you describe for us what your perfect, ideal intimate gig would be like? (You’re playing). LP Hmm… Outside. Nighttime. Bonfire. Beer. Piano(yes a piano in the grass)guitar, upright bass, some percussion instruments. And I’d be wearing my favorite sweater. Anyone like to join me?!? The 405: I’m a particular fan of tattoos; are there any cool stories behind yours that you’d like to share? LP: I like my newest one. It’s in honor of my niece who has just been born. I wanted something that would represent her, so I looked into things surrounding her name but none of them really connected with me. Then I looked into zodiac signs and the like, thru that I found out her Chinese symbol is the Tiger(2010 is the year of Tiger)and so I decided upon that. It ended up becoming an even cooler double meaning because my mother was also born in the year of the Tiger in 1962. Killing 2 birds with one stone ☺ The 405: Finally: what are you most looking forward to in the future? LP: Gigging and living.