We first caught up with Lauren Pritchard during her 'Island Life Tour' late last year and loved her outlook on life. We decided to catch up with her to see what she's been up to since then and to find out a bit more about this talented young lady. She's certainly had an interesting life so far. As far as Wikipedia entries go 'Born and raised in Jackson, Tennessee, Pritchard moved to Los Angeles at 16, where she lived with Lisa-Marie Presley and tried to make it as a singer in a reggae band' is pretty much up there as one of the best entries we've seen for a while. How much of that has shaped the music you create? A lot. My time in California was incredible. I spent the majority of it as a keyboardist & back up singer in a reggae band, recording and playing loads, which taught me a good lesson in dedication to a musical project. As for living with Lisa, her daughter is one of my closest friends and they're like my surrogate family. If they hadn't of taken me in I wouldn't be where I am today. I owe a lot to them. You're currently based in England too. What prompted that and how does it differ from LA and Jackson? The weather is drastically different! I love it here. I originally came to the UK to work with Eg White, the producer of my album. But the more I spent time here the more I loved it and wanted to stay and decided to make it home. Do you feel your music has changed since you've been over here? I think I've grown a lot and grown up a lot since moving here and that has helped my music loads. But also getting to work with amazing people like Eg, Ed Harcourt & Mumford and Sons was an ace experience teaching me more about the UK music scene and styles which has been a big influence too. At the end of the day, I'm American through and through and I write "American" but I feel really fortunate to have had some UK styles become a part of my own. Was it fun shooting the video for stuck? Yes! It was awesome and Michael Socha is the best co star. Great guy, great laugh and an ace actor too. You play live quite a lot, Do you prefer the live side of things or recording? I love both to be honest. And for me I need them to fluctuate like the seasons. There's a time for live gigs and there's a time to be locked in the studio and I appreciate these changes. Your twitter bio currently says 'f*ck that Valentine's, f*ck that f*ck that Valentine's, f*ck that Valentine's Day'. We assume you don't like Valentines day? Actually I was just quoting the Andre 3000/Outkast tune 'Happy Valentine's Day' cause I love that song and it cracks me up. Even though I do think Valentine's Day is mostly a money-making scheme for the card & chocolate industry, I wouldn't say I hate it. Influence wise - what are your top five favourite records? And could you talk us through them? Joni Mitchell - Court & Spark: She is honest, real, pure and blunt. I've been listening to her since I was young and she has inspired me to be as real as possible when writing. And she sings effortlessly from the heart on this record and orchestrations. So moving. Billy Joel - 52nd Street: His piano skills are ridiculous and the fact that he's been classically composing since he was young has always blown me away. His storytelling type of songwriting has always captured me and been a major influence in my own writing. This record in particular has the best stories like 'Big Shot' or 'Honesty'. Eminem - The Marshall Mathers LP: An idol of mine for many reasons. He has balls to come out and say the things he's said. Whether it was about his mother (oh the violence of it all) or a dad's endless love for his daughter. He's never restricted himself or set limits on himself. He is capable and unstoppable and I look up to this and try to do the same. Billie Holiday - The Essential Billie Holiday Vol. 1-8: She has a voice like butter. She is my favourite singer of all time. Sometimes she makes me cry cause its so moving. She had a tragic life but she sang like she was never-ending. I love her. Ryan Adams - Love is Hell: I owe a lot to Ryan for nursing me with music through many a heartache. I love his music and his writing and I'm definitely one of those nerdy girl fans when it comes to him and this album especially. Your debut album was released over six months ago now and was well received. How do you feel about it now that it's been out there for a while. Would you change anything about it? I wouldn't change anything really. I spent so much time with the sings before the album came out that I made sure of exactly what was going on the album and being said. How did you recent HMV shows go? So exciting! It was a sold out show and I was blown away. A little less than a year ago I just started gigging here in the UK so to have the turn out is so moving. I'm very thankful for my fans for the love and support they continue to show. Going back to twitter/social media, you seem pretty active with that side of things. How important do you feel sites like Twitter are as a musician? It seems like a lot of barriers have been broken down between the artist and the fan. I think it's important definitely. Because things are so accessible now to everyone I think it's important to be in touch with the people who are listening to your music. It keeps you grounded and also its helpful to the artist to see what people do and don't like. You can't live solely by the fans, you do have to do some things for yourself too, but not listening to them is just silly. A lot of your tracks seem to get remixed. How do you feel when you hear a remix of one your songs? Are a lot of them remixes you've asked for or to they tend to just appear? It's a combination. Some have been done without me knowing and some I've helped plan. I love it. I get really into hearing the songs in a new way and differently to how I wrote them. I'm all for the remix. Lastly, what else do you have planned for 2011? Touring, beginning work on the second album and I'm also running two marathons in the fall in honour of Epilepsy awareness. Year of the Rabbit, the year I was born in. It's going to be a great year.