LAUV has teamed up with Troye Sivan for his most propulsive, immediate release to date ‘i’m so tired…’. The two vocalists’ voices meld in absolute harmony as they share pained experiences of losing loved ones and finding solace in music whilst referencing both Lorde and Coldplay. It’s two minutes thirty of wide-eyed bedroom pop, both insular and universal, Ari Left once again manages to look within himself and switch the angle 180° to project outwards.

The accompanying visual sees the pair driving across pink LA celebrating each other’s heartache and indulging in the cathartic bliss of shared pain. Speaking on the collaboration, Troye said: “‘i’m so tired…’ is a heartbreak song about an inescapable person. Lauv is such a great songwriter, and him and I were writing together for his project when the song came about. We ended up creating an accidental duet, and I couldn’t be happier to be on the song.”

Lauv commented: “I’ve been a huge fan of Troye’s music and what he does for the world for years, so working with him was an absolute honor. When we wrote ‘i’m so tired…’ he just sounded too good singing it, so I think it was just natural to do the record together. This song is also the last song I’m going to be putting out until I have my debut album ready, so I figured we’d go out on a heartbroken banger vibe so it’s sad but fun.”

Following on from the release of the hugely successful “i met you when I was 18” playlist project, Lauv is primed to capitalise on his winning position in pop and continue to release grade-A tracks such as this one.